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Sv60 Vintage 40’s Hi-Glo Long Sleeve Knit STRETCHABLE Sweater
Maker Old Mill Store Stock
Condition 9.5/10 excellent condition with design and color swatches if shown in the picture. If there is new tags it will be shown in the picture. Deadstock!
Size M chest 50cm, shoulder 49cm, arms 60cm, length 60cm.
Material Cable Knit Stretchable Cotton
Decade 40’s
Specials 1945-48 The end of World War II and the prospect of Happy Days to come are reflected in these Innovatory Fashions : A Distinctive Pattern : Wide Waistband & Knitted Cuffs and Collar made with Stretchable Cotton ; Wool or Blend of both and Amazing Designs and Vivid Colors (Wild 3 Dimensional look and Fluorescent colors ). The Woven Technique- the choice of Colors and the Quality of the Fabrics used are Unique and could not be found in mass.produced garments .