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St51 Late 50s  Black with Shadow Blue Suit
Maker Dublworth
Condition 9/10 look to be excellent! Cuffs and Collar show no wear. Material is strong with no wear.
Size 42-44; Jacket: Actual Measurements are: arms 62cm, chest 56cm , shoulders across 47cm, and length 77cm.
Pants: Total length 103cm , inseam 73cm (6cm to lengthen and keep the cuff), waist 85cm (7.5cm to expand).
Material middle to heavy weight wool
Decade 50’s
Specials Well made, inside is partially lined with center rear vent. The front is 3 button with nice lapels. This was a sporty, rock and roll type of suit. The pants are drop loop, double pleated, nicely baggy tapered and cuffed