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Ssc25 Vintage 50’s Super Shinny Light Weight Jacket 42-44
Maker Airman
Condition 8/10 There is a few spots (largest is 2mm) on the back left shoulder area. I do not know if they will clean. On the top of the right shoulder there is a faint dark area- see pics! These are the only damage I notice. When this jacket is outside in the light it shines so much these very small stains on the back wont be so noticeable.
Size 42-44 chest 59cm, shoulder 48cm, arms 58cm, length 66cm.
Material Tag says water repellent wrinle repellant so I am guessing a rayon and nylon blend.
Decade 40-50’s
Specials The color is bronze and shines in the light. I like the buckle back at the waist. This is just an awesome style and with the sharkskin- very rare. The buttons on the sleeve are bakelite, and the shoulders are padded which suggest this might be 1940’s.