Ssc01 40-60’s Fringe and Beads Rough Suede East West Jacket (44)
Condition 8.5/10 The top button was missing right where the fringe meet so it isn’t so noticeable. Hard to replace I imagine, so I replaced the button with a cuff buttons (slightly smaller and 2 on each cuff). There are a few small tears/holes in the rayon full lining. It looks like 99% of fringe still on.
Size 44; chest 59cm、shoulders 50cm.、arms 63cm. height 72cm. fringe 18cm
Material leather
Decade 60’s
Specials Very unique jacket. A real rock star/Hollywood look to it. Unique buttons. And beads throughout. The fringe goes all the way down the sleeve. Boho/East West appeal.
Why I think 40’s, the cuffs are angled like 40’s style. The inside liner is a heavy rayon usually found on very old 40’s jackets, I don’t think I have seen on 60’s before.