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If you do not love vintage fron the 40's-50's, you don't belong here! The 1940's Two Tone Sportcoats, Hawaiian Shirts and Ties are my personal collection. I have been collecting since I was 20 years old. These are particularly rare! At one time I had over two hundred 1940's-50's Hawaiians. Maybe I have 10-15 Hollywood or Cubavera Cigar Jackets. Another 50 very cool Rock and Roll style (like Elvis Presley wore) Sportcoats. I love and have maybe 300-500 40's wide ties- usually around 4 inches across and about 120-140 inches long. Suits- I may have the only deadstock Zoot Suit in the world! On this site I will tell a story so I hope you enjoy my collection as well as the story! I literally have so many things not on the site it is ridiculous.

Let's talk VINTAGE!!!

High end Rockabilly Fashion is your black and white or black and pink. Panel, Argyle, Geometric Indian motif/designs are incredible to find and in proper size of a grown man of today is even more difficult. The highly collectable, I have some but if your willing to pay the big big money and serious email me. I have an open line to the biggest collectors in Japan and California. More wearable may be the reproduction clothing coming out of Japan. But let's talk vintage... Most of the clothing I have fits me. I am size 42. Weigh about 175 lbs and am 6' tall. When I find something cool of course I will buy it even out of size but keep in mind that finding grandpa clothing is a needle in a haystack. We are men and typically we wear things until they fall apart and then the mothes- ugh. Preservation has never been our strong suit. The late 1940's early 1950's Sportcoat will typically be a wool or wool/rayon blend that most people associate with as Gabardine. The style I like best is large shoulder pads, no rear vent, larger lapels and patch pocket for the boxey look. The pants I like best are high waisted- this is sometimes called a Hollywood waist with drop belt loops. The Hollywood waist does not have the seam along the waist. Most pants are double pleated and have a 2 inch cuff. The pants are tapered so they have a baggier appeal. I like the Hawaiian or Muscle shirts from the 50's for Summer. These tend to be a little short around the waist and sleeves. I love gabardine long sleeve shirts and guacho style shirts during Winter but sooo difficult to find that fit! Typically they run short in the arm length even if in proper neck size 16.5. Personally I like to do a modern cheap shirt with an awesome 1940's tie- gives you the same style. Gabardine is lovely though. It just droops over your arms and feels so good- everyone should experience it once in their life. In Winter I also like the Hand knit Cowichan sweaters of the 50's and 60's. Mary Maxim designs with Mary Maxim wool are the best quality. Be careful of todays knockoff Cowichans and todays gabardine both seem to ball up too easily and that worn look is not cool. As for coats and jackets, I keep my Spring or Fall Gabardine print "Ricky Style" in great condition by dry cleaning her after every 10 times. I am a size 42 modern day so in vintage I wear a 44 coat. The Ricky Style is after Ricky Ricardo...Lucy Ball's Big Band Leader husband in case you didn't know. Style is very short and boxy look- keep in mind the men wore high waisted pants. I have a couple leather jackets too from the 50's I like to wear. In Winter I love my 100% Wool Car Coat. The best were made by Lakeland with the label "Clicker". These are 3/4 length and have roll style cuffs and collar with the 100% Skinner lining. These are zip ups. Unfortunately the current knock offs from Japan are shoddy. Continue reading because the Japanese Sun Surf Shirts are amazing!


Take this site slow, please feel free to contact me. If your from Europe or elsewhere I recommend you take your measurements once in inches because it is American clothing. Find a vintage suit you like how it fits and measure it. Do it once keep it forever then you need not worry about buying online. Vintage fits different than your today suits- note the shoulder pads were larger and also the pants inseam isn't as important as the outer seam unless your going to wear the pants above the belly button (I don't). Vintage Clothing is all about Style. Quality and Individualism, are what sets the 30's-40's-50's apart. Unique to the day and in the future. So this is an ode to a bygone era. Swing Music, Black and White Movies and Clothing that set each man apart from todays mass market appeal of lower end throw away culture.

Sun Surf Shirts:

It does not get better. From the exact label and the quality of rayon- the Special Edition Sun Surf Shirts are an EXACT REPRODUCTION. I always worry about destroying an oringinal 1940's or 50's shirt but now though still expensive I can wear them without too much concern. The best I think are Toyo Sunsurf and Style Eyes shirts. Style Eyes do this great reproduction of the original corduroy shirts with the geometric chest panel prints. You can order the shirts and I search it out in Japan. If there a particular thing, anything you are looking for- I often can find it in Japan. I have decent connectons to the Japanese markets. Japan has many more popular brands: Sugar Cane, Pink Dragon, Cream Soda, Peppermint, Buzz Rickson, Indian to name a few.

I will answer every question to the best of my knowledge. Contact: mike@antiquetibet.com

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